Get a great job abroad
Online accelerator for software engineers that want to move to the US, Canada, or Europe
Get a great job abroad
Online accelerator for software engineers that want to move to the US, Canada, or Europe
and other top companies in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States
We helped get jobs at

Sr Software Engineer at Reddit,
previously at Airbnb, Amazon
Software Engineer at OpenAI,
previously at Dropbox
Software Engineer at X
previously at Google
ML Engineering Manager at Coinbase, previously at Oracle
Founding Mentor at Outtalent,
previously at Google, X
Software Engineer at Primer,
previously at Coinbase, Triplebyte
Outtalent in the media

More than getting 4 offers, I was happy with meeting awesome people, whom I call friends now.
Outtalent is a culture nourishing strong connections and celebrating your every success. I love being a part of it.
I am an Outtalent member from May 2019. Over this period Outtalent helped me with a lot of my applications to the internships abroad. The most valuable side from Outtalent mentors for me personally was a psychological support. Usually applicants don't have a needed confidence applying to giant companies such as Google, and so did I. But when I heard from professionals, who already worked there that according to my motivation and skillset it would be not so hard for me to get into there too - I got that portion of self-confidence which helped me during the interviews. Of course other sides, such as very frequent mock interviews with peers helped me to prepare technically and develop my communication skills. So finally I got an internship from Stripe and am thankful to Outtalent for helping me to reach this year-term goal, which I believe will help me in achieving my life-term goals.
I met outtalent exactly at the moment when I decided to try myself in applying to foreign internships. The specialists of their field, Tilek and Meder, as well as a team of strong and talented students, protected me from all possible mistakes in my resume, applications, choosing companies and the interview processes themselves. Together with them, I was 100% sure of the result and did not worry about anything. Daily activity and discussions within the team additionally motivated and did not give the right to deviate from the goal at difficult moments.
Why do great engineers need this?
Here are the challenges we saw great engineers face without Outtalent:

- They apply too early, get a rejection, and have to wait to reapply in 6 or even 12 months
- They think they are not ready yet while they are actually ready
- They don't know their strengths and weaknesses as compared to other candidates
- They apply only to 2-3 companies at the same time, their process is slow, they get either only 1 or no offers, that means it's very hard for them to negotiate their salary
- They don't know how to negotiate salary effectively
- They forget or don't know about all good companies to apply to, they remember Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, but forget about Palantir, Salesforce, and Stripe
- They don't have enough practice explaining their thoughts well in English
- They don't consider many things interviewers are looking for
- They don't know how to interact well with interviewers, especially bad interviewers
- They fail to pass resume screening without expert resume review and referrals
- They may be preparing by themselves, but we motivate them to get ready several months earlier
How much does Outtalent cost?
You pay nothing upfront. If we manage to help you get a high-paying job abroad then you will pay us 7% (pre-tax) starting from your first salary for 2 years.

"High-paying" is defined based on your experience level, it could be $60,000 / year or $160,000 / year, for example.
Will I have enough money to live abroad?
In our experience engineers from countries like Russia often overestimate how expensive it is to live in Europe, Canada, or the USA.

For salaries we recommend checking: Glassdoor,, and Blind.
For cost of living we recommend checking: Numbeo.

About us
Outtalent is funded by YCombinator, world-class venture capital funds, executives from Google and Facebook, and many other amazing angel investors who are passionate about our mission.
Product Lead, Google Photos and
our champion at Google
VP of Product, Calibra and
our champion at Facebook
CEO and Partner at
Co-founder of
Partner at
Co-founder of Homejoy
Visiting Partner at
Co-founder of Flightcar,
our champion at Airbnb