Helping great engineers from
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
get great jobs abroad
You pay only if you get the job.

We come from Central Asia and Eastern Europe and have already helped engineers from that region get jobs at these and many other top companies in Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Prague, Vancouver, Warsaw, and Zurich

How it works
In order to get into Outtalent you need to pass application & resume review, online coding test, a technical, and a behavioral interview. We will try to provide useful feedback to you in any case.
Trial period
We will provide a curriculum and you will be sharing updates on your progress with us for 4 weeks. This will help you try a part of our program and help us see how much time you are able to spend.
If you pass the trial period, we will conduct a more detailed skill evaluation with experienced engineers from companies like Google, Facebook, and Uber, and help you with your long-term career and immigration strategy and short-term goals.
Community for preparation
After that you will join our online community of smart, ambitious, and helpful engineers. You will regularly meet and do online practice interviews within an assigned group.
Once in a while we will have guest speakers and you will be able to do more mock interviews with professionals.
Graduation event & referrals
At our last such event our graduates presented to employees of Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google, NVIDIA, PayPal, Salesforce, Snap, Spotify, Stripe, Tesla, and Uber. After the event employees refer the best candidates to their companies helping them get invited to interviews.
Real interviews
You travel around the world to participate in onsite interviews. :) Only if you pass online interviews of course.
Salary negotiation
Once you start getting offers we start leveraging our deep knowledge of salaries and experience negotiating them in order to get you an extra boost. Good negotiation can potentially get you extra $20,000.
Your new job
You start your new job abroad!
Life-long community
Many of our graduates choose to meet other graduates in person after the program and keep helping each other with their careers.

1. Your location

We would like to launch globally very soon, but for now we decided to focus on markets where we think we can help the most given that we speak both English and Russian:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan.

2. Your skills

Based on our current expertise we decided to focus on partnering up with people with these skills:

- You are a software engineer who regularly writes backend code.
- You designed diverse software systems deployed into production, ideally including large-scale distributed systems.
- You have a good level of written and spoken English.
- Ideally, you have experience solving coding problems using such techniques as dynamic programming, depth-first search, breadth-first search etc in a short amount of time (usually people get such experience from competitions or websites like Codeforces, HackerRank, and LeetCode).

3. Our culture

We are a community of engineers that help each other achieve career goals that are much harder to achieve alone.

This means we are focused on people who will see other job candidates as collaborators rather than competitors.

We also believe it's important for engineers to share their preparation and application progress with the group. This means sharing whether you failed or succeeded in an interview (without sharing confidential details such as questions companies asked at interviews). We fail ourselves constantly and think failure is a natural part of growth.

Not everyone will enjoy that type of community and we respect that, but for now we decided to focus on people who are more open to such collaboration.

4. Your commitment

This is a difficult program that helped engineers get dream jobs at companies like Facebook and Google in cities like London and Zurich multiplying their income by up to 7.98x.

In order to achieve that in a short amount of time it is very important for us that everyone who applies commits to:
- spending 15 hours a week for 3 months on our program.
- attending 95% of our meetings, most of them happen around 19:30-21:30 Moscow time / 18:30-20:30 Kiev time Monday to Saturday.
- consistent and growing weekly job preparation progress.

We recommend applying even if you think you don't have everything required yet. We commit to providing at least some feedback on every application, and it will help us understand what types of people we should focus on next.

Why do great engineers need this?
Here are the challenges we saw great engineers face without Outtalent:

- They apply too early, get a rejection, and have to wait to reapply in 6 or even 12 months
- They think they are not ready yet while they are actually ready
- They don't know their strengths and weaknesses as compared to other candidates
- They apply only to 2-3 companies at the same time, their process is slow, they get either only 1 or no offers, that means it's very hard for them to negotiate their salary
- They don't know how to negotiate salary effectively
- They forget or don't know about all good companies to apply to, they remember Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, but forget about Palantir, Salesforce, and Stripe
- They don't have enough practice explaining their thoughts well in English
- They don't consider many things interviewers are looking for
- They don't know how to interact well with interviewers, especially bad interviewers
- They fail to pass resume screening without expert resume review and referrals
- They may be preparing by themselves, but we motivate them to get ready several months earlier
How much does Outtalent cost?
You pay nothing upfront. If we manage to help you get a high-paying job abroad then you will pay us 7% (pre-tax) starting from your first salary for 2 years.

"High-paying" is defined based on your experience level, it could be $60,000 / year or $160,000 / year, for example.
Will I have enough money to live abroad?
In our experience engineers from countries like Russia often overestimate how expensive it is to live in Europe, Canada, or the USA.

For salaries we recommend checking: Glassdoor,, and Blind.
For cost of living we recommend checking: Numbeo.

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