Get your dream job abroad
3-month accelerator for software engineers that want to move to the US, Canada, or Europe
Get your dream job
3-month accelerator for software engineers that want to move to the US, Canada, or Europe
and other top companies in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States
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Why do great engineers need this?
Here are the challenges we saw great engineers face without Outtalent:

- They apply too early, get a rejection, and have to wait to reapply in 6 or even 12 months
- They think they are not ready yet while they are actually ready
- They don't know their strengths and weaknesses as compared to other candidates
- They apply only to 2-3 companies at the same time, their process is slow, they get either only 1 or no offers, that means it's very hard for them to negotiate their salary
- They don't know how to negotiate salary effectively
- They forget or don't know about all good companies to apply to, they remember Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, but forget about Palantir, Salesforce, and Stripe
- They don't have enough practice explaining their thoughts well in English
- They don't consider many things interviewers are looking for
- They don't know how to interact well with interviewers, especially bad interviewers
- They fail to pass resume screening without expert resume review and referrals
- They may be preparing by themselves, but we motivate them to get ready several months earlier
How much does Outtalent cost?
You pay nothing upfront. If we manage to help you get a high-paying job abroad then you will pay us 7% (pre-tax) starting from your first salary for 2 years.

"High-paying" is defined based on your experience level, it could be $60,000 / year or $160,000 / year, for example.
Will I have enough money to live abroad?
In our experience engineers from countries like Russia often overestimate how expensive it is to live in Europe, Canada, or the USA.

For salaries we recommend checking: Glassdoor,, and Blind.
For cost of living we recommend checking: Numbeo.

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