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Outtalent is a career accelerator designed and led by engineers and engineering managers from Google and Stripe. You pay only if you get the job you want.

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Our Programs

In both programs we cover Data Structures and Algorithms, Systems Design, Behavioral Interviews, and Resume Writing. In addition to that, the Wonder program focuses on Computer Science fundamentals.


3+ months ・ all-genders


Advanced CS knowledge

Backend systems design experience


6+ months ・ female-only


Fundamental CS knowledge

Internship or equivalent experience

Outtalent Candidate

We are looking for engineers who have strong analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, and are self-motivated to study evenings and weekends, aiming to join the best tech companies in the world. All applicants should be able to articulate thoughts well in English, and match Outtalent values by being honest, kind, and collaborative.


The application process consists of 4 stages: Application Form, Coding Test, Systems Design Interview, Trial Period. During the trial (3 weeks for Everest, 6 weeks for Wonder), you self-study based on our recommendations, sharing updates once a week. This helps us see that you are motivated to invest 15 hours a week.


10% of pre-tax base salary for 2 years, but only in the case that you get a job in a top 10 company of your choice. You keep your sign-on, relocation, and performances bonuses, as well as the stocks. We help you negotiate your salary and advance within the company.


You can apply from any country.

What does the program look like?

Group Sessions

Weekly lectures and seminars taught by current & former engineering leads of Google, Meta, Uber, Stripe and other top tech companies


1-1 sessions with mentors on distributed systems design, algorithms, data structures, object-oriented design, behavioral interviews, and salary negotiation


15+ hours/week of self-study based on Outtalent’s in-house educational program, as well as the state-of-the-art third-party materials

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How does Outtalent help you get a job?

Top Mentors

Get to the right level with top mentors: engineers from top companies will help you learn your strengths and weaknesses, get a clear path, find out what is needed to get to the right level, and when you are ready to apply

Invitations to Interviews

Get invited to multiple interviews: if you successfully graduate, we help you build a great resume and refer you to managers, recruiters, and employees at your target companies

Company Matching

Find great companies, teams, and roles: we leverage our international network to seek out for matching jobs you may not have heard about

Immigration Advice

Get personalized immigration advice: we help you choose a strategy to get to your dream country or help you choose the best place to live for your family

Salary Negotiation

Get your fair level and salary: we have a database of offers with related experience levels and proven negotiation guides to help you get the best possible offer

Our Results


fellows of the last 2 groups got offers at Google, Meta, Microsoft, or Amazon.

Google and Meta

are our top 2 employers.


is the average annual base salary of Outtalent fellows from the last group.

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