Top 50 companies
for software engineers that want to move to the US.

Outtalent is a career accelerator that helps software engineers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia get jobs abroad. We designed this ranking primarily for developers from those regions as well as those from Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and the rest of Asia. Citizens of most countries in those regions usually have stricter visa requirements than the citizens of Canada, or the EU, the UK, or Australia. The goal of this ranking is to help people prioritize their time while learning about companies and teams that would match them best individually.

This is our first experimental ranking and we invite you to start a discussion on this topic with us.
Ranking version 1.2020.03.10.
General methodology
2 primary variables in our ranking are immigration score and software engineering score.

Immigration score is based on the number of software engineers the company employs in the US that seems to strongly correlate with the number of visas they help with. That number is then adjusted based on Outtalent's research of companies' immigration practices as well as subjective experience doing business with those companies. We only selected companies that also have a software engineering office in Canada, the EU, the UK, Australia, Singapore, or Israel as such offices can be leveraged as a place for engineers to wait to get the right visa.

Software engineering score is designed to represent the level of software engineering talent, tools, and infrastructure, innovation, processes, innovation, and culture in general. We included companies that focus on building their own software or have a significant software business (e.g. Tesla). We excluded companies like Intel and NVIDIA whose primary business is hardware, as well as consulting companies like Accenture and Infosys.

We recognize that our scoring is subjective and are looking for ways to improve it.
We invite you to review our methodology & data sources and provide feedback.

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