February 13 Q&A session
for software engineers
Outtalent invites you to its first Q&A session with Tilek Mamutov, CEO and co-founder of Outtalent who worked at Google for 11 years and interviewed more than 100 engineers. We will share our experience getting people multiple offers from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Stripe, Bloomberg.

We will start by going over FAQ and then will go ahead to the Q&A session where you can ask your specific questions.
  1. How do I know if I am ready to apply?
  2. What is the optimal way to prepare?
  3. What do recruiters and hiring managers want to see in a resume?
  4. How much do referrals help?
  5. What are common mistakes that candidates make during their interviews?
  6. How are coding interviews graded?
  7. How are system design interviews graded?
  8. What are other "FAANG" level companies?
  9. How to negotiate a $20K salary bump?
Number of attendees: limited
Language: English
Eligibility: this event is meant only for software engineers with 2 or more years of experience.

Webinar date and time: February 13, 2020

9AM San Francisco, which is
7PM Kiev
8PM Minsk/Moscow
9PM Baku/Tbilisi/Yerevan
10PM Ashgabat/Dushanbe/Tashkent
11PM Bishkek/Nur-Sultan

Application submission deadline: 6 hours before the event. We might accept some late submissions too.