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Our Story

Our Story author: Tilek Mamutov, Co-founder of Outtalent

Tilek Mamutov,
Co-Founder of Outtalent

I am from Kyrgyzstan. In college, I had an American professor who made me create an online resume as homework. A few years later, I got an email from a Google recruiter. I was so surprised - I first thought it was a scam. I tried my best to get the job, but I failed. I kept preparing, applied a second time, and finally managed to get it. Working at Google was life-changing, I was surrounded by so many amazing people and that environment helped me prosper.

Now, we want to help millions of people achieve the same.

Our Values

We succeed only if you succeed

We charge our clients only if they get what they want. That's how we show we truly care.

People are stronger together

We aim to create a culture where people help each other achieve more, building meaningful relationships along the way.

You deserve the best, don't settle

We think immersing yourself in the best possible environment is extremely important for learning and growth.

Amazing talent is everywhere

We uncover world-class talent in groups that have been historically overlooked, underpaid, and undervalued.

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